GTF - Global Trade Factory Logistics is an innovative logistics service provider in Istanbul/Turkey. GTF is an approved and licensed Freight Forwarder by Ministry of Transportation in Turkey. 

Our vision is simple and easy logistic solutions.



Ocean&Sea Service

Road Transportation

Air Cargo

Warehouse & Customs Clearance

Mini Van

Ocean&Sea Service

We have a large network of agents around the world, which allows us to give the best option in marine transport that goes to any part of the world.
The management of contracts with the prime ocean carriers and NVOOC, make us possible to move to our clients the best competitive rates in guaranteed time, and for load of FCL (full container load), LCL (Less than container load) and BBC (Break Bulk Charge)


• Worldwide FCL and LCL shipments
• LCL Consolidation
• Special Equipment Service (FR, OT, Reefer etc.)
• Intermodal, Multimodal Shipments
• Door to door, port to port and Cross Trade
• Overseas and Domestic Customs Clearance
• Domestic Trucking Service
• Worldwide Network Availability
• Temperature controlled shipments
• Foodstuff - perishable and non-perishable
• Electronics
• Chemicals
• Pharmaceuticals
• Insurance
• Online Tracking & Tracing

We ensure;

• Guaranteed space and equipment availability.
• Alternative transport due to flexibility and close partnerships with leading carriers.
• Major purchasing power achieved from the strong and long-term relationships with partners and carriers.
• Flexibility and initiative provides cost-savings to clients.
• Tailor- Made Service
• Effective Multimodal transport with Sea-Air, Sea-Land and Sea-Rail combinations.
• Contracts with Ocean Carriers ensure global coverage, capacity and competitive rates


Far East : South Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong
Southeast Asia : Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand
Middle East : Iraq, Qatar, Jordan, Yemen, Lebanon, U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait
South Asia : India, Pakistan, Bangladesh
Europe : Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium
North and South America : Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Paraguay, Chile, West-East USA, Canada
Africa : North Africa ( Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Sudan ), Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Congo, Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, South Africa, Cameroon, Senegal, Ivory Coast

Road Transportation

We offer a fast and reliable road transportation from and to Turkey covering all Europe, CIS, Middle East and Balkan
Our weekly schedules services with our experienced staff is providing a complete and compettitive solution

We offer:

Flexible door-to-door delivery within the Europe
• Alternative transport due to flexibility and close partnerships with leading carriers.
• Specific Industry Solutions based on the customer requirements
• Reliable service and fast service in the required timeframe
• Customs Clearance
• Documentation and Insurance
• Supply Chain Management
• Picking & Packing
• Warehousing
• Compliance with regulation

FTL (Full Truck Load)

We deliver comprehensive, all-in-one FTL solutions with optimum costs in best condition for semi-trailer, box, flat-bed and refrigerated truck needs of our customers.

LTL (Less Than Truck Load)

Our International groupage services including consolidation, deconsolidation, warehousing, custom clearance and door delivery will fit in your requirements


Express Truck Load We offer Quick, Direct and Affordable Express Trucking services throughout Europe with short reaction times, wide network and more than 20 years of experience for our customers.


West Europe : Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium UK
East Europe : Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia Hungary, Balkan Countries,
CIS : Russia, Ukraine, Georgia Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan
Middle East: Iraq, Iran, Qatar

Air Cargo

We offer a number of standard and expedited air freight forwarding solutions to address clients’ most demanding transportation needs. Our logistics specialists can coordinate your shipments and arrange for priority air transport service to keep your supply chain in sync with your timetable. With our branches, affiliated offices and large number of international partners, we are capable of handling your cargoes from/to all Turkish airports to/from all cargo airports around the world.

Port to Port / Door to Door
• Consolidation
• Inland Transportation
• Express Service
• On Board Courier
• Perishable or Temperature Control Transportation
• Dangerous Goods Transportation
• Intermodal & Multimodal Transportation • Packaging (Temperature Control or General Cargo)
• Vehicle Transportation
• Full/Part Charter
• Custom Clearance

Warehouse & Customs Clearance

Bonded and non-bonded warehouse serivces in all Turkish cities including pick up and distribution deliveries.

Pick&pack, handling and value added sercives.

Custom Brokerage and document management services.

Mini Van

Express Minivan Load

We offer direct, traceable, Express Minivan service throughout Europe between 24/48 hours transit times. Our Europe-wide Express Minivan service is not only faster but also more affordable than Airfreight in many circumstances. Reefer Minivan service is also available for special cargoes.


West Europe : Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium UK
East Europe : Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia Hungary, Balkan Countries,
CIS : Russia, Ukraine, Georgia Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan
Middle East: Iraq, Iran, Qatar